Genesis Chapter Seven

“And all flesh died…”
How beautiful a thought
But do I equivocate?
Or is the metaphor meant?
Were there screaming children?
Banging on the side
of the boat
as the waters rose?
Everyone was sealed in,
Animals and people too,
as the waters rose.
One Hundred Fifty days
No one can tread water that long.
Everyone was dead
All flesh really died,
except Noah
and his family.

Wickedness has in itself
its own punishment
And perhaps that is why it is so labeled.
But wickedness
it spreads
it is dark
and insidious
and it infects everything around it
though we often don’t see it
for years,
or at all.

Forty days and forty nights
that is a long time to rain
The whole place covered
As the water began to rise
The water often rises
in our lives
so it goes.


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