Joined Without Touching

That one budding branch stretched to bees
That one branch dropping petals down low
That muddy path under the dripping trees
That sparkly sand lining the trail we sow
With our crumbs of memory charging no fees
We wind connecting threads our hearts to tow.

So we weave a tapestry to crosshatch divergent roads
As the winds and the tumbles of time pull us back
Away from near-misses and crossed agendas in codes
And we sting up high and bog down low giving no slack
To all the wishes and the starts of bearing the loads
Pulling tight the threads of life’s fibers without a crack.

copyright 2012 Rose Byrd


4 thoughts on “Joined Without Touching

  1. the first four lines..i think i’ve been there…and reading this makes those memories so misty and light…the use of threads to illustrate life’s connections…so very apt =)

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