Lost in our peaceful and tranquil accomplished state.
We drift along symmetrical lines, genuine soul mates.
Never before have euphoria I felt Happiness and harmony from this warmth I could melt.
We are the ties that together do us bind.
Fitting pieces to a puzzle, we are one of a kind.

Gone is the void that stole away our youth.                                        
                Made us tell lies when we knew what was truth.                      
                            No more abuse on our bodies no tricks played with our
mind.                               We unite as a whole, an alliance, togetherness
Our eternal love is so strong for each other a force to reckon with we are to
Though partners of equality we have chosen the same path.                          
    Wishes are granted without need for such wrath.
Our display of solidarity is mapped out for all to see.
An everlasting bond neither one of us will free.
Drawn together by attraction the seed of compassion has been sowed.
Standing hand in hand teetering on the brink awaiting welcomed promises together we

In unison ' forever and never shall we part'.
Our words echo amidst the dew top mountain side as our bodies crack and
crumble against the unforgiving merciless black tide.

– darkestangelica


Note: the formatting for this poem proved difficult to reproduce (in large part due to the length of some of the lines). My apologies to the author and the readers.


9 thoughts on “Unity

  1. Formatting for poetry is one of the biggest problems I have with blog posts. I like your solution, it’s not perfect but it helps to keep the intregrity of the lines. How exactly did you do this though? I would love to learn your trick.

  2. Standing hand in hand teetering on the brink–perfect image to reflect how all people everywhere are joined in unity awaiting the future condition of our rapidly changing planet,whether we know it or not! Wonderful metaphor!

  3. Thank you @asoulswalk for the time & effort that you put into trying to correct my formatting. Most appreciated 🙂 I had only viewed it on my phone up until this evening. It turned out OK in the end. Thanks again 🙂

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