The Heart, Above All Else

The world is in pieces
And so is my heart
Fractures, divisions, and lies
The mind that was whole
Is lost and apart
From all that was righteous and wise.
I have seen in the sun
the burning of souls
that war and rape and kill
but I am beset in my darkest soul
with evils that take their fill.
There is a war
That rages inside
And this is what breaks me each day
All of the fighting
That people decry
For this, it has nothing to say.
Let there be peace
Inside my own heart
And maybe the world might matter to me
Let there be war inside my own soul
And I would see it burn that I might be free.

-Soul Walker


14 thoughts on “The Heart, Above All Else

  1. saved the best for last perhaps? =P Very powerful and humbling…you’ve illustrated the separations and commonalities very skillfully. Yes, let there be peace in your heart =)

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