We Both

I looked for joy between her breasts
And sadly it was not there
Wrong place, wrong time
And not even a little bit fair.

Some time later she saw me here
Whiling away the hours
She was upset that I was still living
And who has the heart to blame a crazy person?

To say it didn’t work out would be trite
To say I was happy would be a lie
She was of course, an amazing girl
And me a bastard that now, she used to know.

I should have listened to my friends
I should have listened to my God
I should have listened less to her
And stayed broke up the first time.

People seem to want a drug
Maybe she was mine
But now there’s regret and hurt feelings
And everyone knew better.

10 thoughts on “We Both

  1. Beautiful, love. I got chill bumps. My response….

    Sweet bird,
    Why, then, did you leave?
    Why did you run away with
    The devil,
    When I loved you more.

    Do they still wonder?
    About decisions made….
    Children confused and
    Hearts, burnt.
    Is my scent still on her pillowcase?
    Your translucent thoughts are very telling.

    Happy is home,
    It’s where you belonged.
    Her arms cant hold you.
    Burdens are too heavy.
    Make weary, the strongest heart.

    See, love.
    I’m still broken
    Like you.
    Twisted and bound
    Eloquent movements make sense.
    To us.
    Let’s go back to then.
    When you spoke from your soul.
    You sang of sobriety and love.
    Forever, did not feel so obscure.

    But you ran.
    Left me standing on the porch
    As my heart screamed to have you back.
    You did not notice
    Or care
    Or feel.
    The look on your face,
    The disappointment of failure
    Killed us.

    While your evenings are full of terrors,
    And sweat soaked sheets.
    Days long, without a touch.
    Five minute dreams of falling
    And gnashing teeth.
    I’ll hold the memories closer than normal tonight.
    Maybe you will feel me.

    1. Maybe in the night
      between my fits of screaming
      Maybe when the dream feels right
      The waking will be stealing
      Maybe if I had known you now
      and never known you then
      all the sweetness in our touch
      would lead to holy bliss
      But tongue tied turbulent lashings
      Insane rants from night time dreams
      That keep me always haunted and wanting
      Keep my heart from you.
      You were like that silken sheet
      That feels so smooth upon my skin
      But rips so easy every day
      Every day just living life
      Tattered torn luxury
      The kind we always thought was dying
      I remember things you see
      I remember you.

      If I felt that we could be
      living life together wed
      Beauty and the beaten beast
      Rising to become
      The lion that I am
      The lion that I was.

      Memories are all I have
      Of your sweet voice and sweetest touch
      If I had been a better man
      Who could know what might have been?

      If you in fear and trembling weren’t
      Lying running always scared
      Maybe burdens could have been
      Laid to rest with loves sweet kiss.

            1. Well I wouldn’t want you to feel a-fool… and of course being a man, I wouldn’t get it at all if you did. But being a creeper? You are on the internet… how can you not look like a creeper on the internet? This place (the internet) is creep-central. Oh, and you are welcome, sigh…

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