I don’t love technology
I say
As I type into a computer
And post on the internet
I text and I think
How can I?

I wish I could know you
But maybe that’s no good
I wish you could see me
But how could I let you?

I guess I could ditch the fear
If I let go of the
If I let go

But why put that on you?
Why would you care?
Why would I open up?
Why would I shoot you strait?
If we all hurt,
Then maybe we all should just keep it to ourselves
You know,
Because we all do it
and all.


5 thoughts on “Everybody

  1. We all do have hurts–if we keep it to ourselves all the time, we’re only going to hurt alone. Sometimes it lessens the hurt to share–sometimes sharing also teaches.

  2. I know what you mean about doubting online friendships and sharing of innermost feeling and thoughts in cyberspace. I myself view it as a Godsend, a great blessing in my life!

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