Death and chocolate
Two things I think about a lot
And don’t usually try to obtain
And always seem to have nearby
Why is the sun so bright?
Why is the heart so dark?
Why is the world so cruel?

Little ringlets on her brow
Beauty gushing from her form
Little child do not despair
Little lasts forever.

I saw the view from up on high
Way up on the mountain top
I looked down low upon the earth
And saw things I never knew.

All is light inside my world
Come and dwell with me
Take my yoke and be my child
I will make you see.

Hearing is a funny thing
I thought it might be true
I thought too much upon the thing
And not enough of you.

Down, down,
down we go
let us rise again
hear the trumpets,
see the sword
the blood is justified.


4 thoughts on “Justified

  1. 4th stanza is my fave amongst my re-reads my eyes stray to that stanza before reading the rest, as a whole it is a conflicting yet hopeful journey…you’ve combined a number of elements in this one.

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