To Catch a Bone

kneeling down to pray
the floor feels awful hard
out of practice, out of touch
awkward as I search
looking for the words to say
never finding
always there
never seeing
never left
this is how it starts.

my mind can’t focus
on a thing
except my knees
and how they hurt
it flitters back
from sin to sin
from pain to pain
from hurt to hurt
and will not settle down.

I am afraid
and all those kind
kind-intentioned people say
“don’t be afraid,”
but then they don’t stop
and their reasons
don’t hold up
to much thinking
and all I do is think
whether I want to
or not.

I don’t know why
people feel compelled
to give advice
to a beaten dog
I’d really rather
just have
a bone.

getting to the place
where I can speak
some brave words
to a holy god
in any meaningful
sort of way
is not so easy.


16 thoughts on “To Catch a Bone

                  1. That’s just like missing Giuliani… there’s no point… the state is socialist no matter what. I love France… I love New York… I love my pug… because of their glamour, because of their culture, and because of their fashion… not because of their government. The only true, fabulous government that ever existed was that at Galt’s Gulch, a figment of the imagination of Ayn Rand.

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