I followed my feet till my shoes fell off
Canvas and rubber and leather in shreds
I kept on walking soles kept bleeding
Everything soon became red.

I followed my heart but my heart broke down
And the pieces went everywhere
This way and that way all around town
But the wind blew all the streets bare.

I followed a girl but she simply refused
To let any love get inside
And when she was gone at the end of our time
There was pain from thought of the ride.

“Create in me…” we used to sing
In G I think it was back then
Compasses crashing and ships on rocks smashing
I follow the tide to the end.


16 thoughts on “Following

  1. Yes, we can get very bloody feet traveling that road to love! But we should still sing “Create within me a clean heart, O God!” so that the balm of healing will be reached!

        1. Isn’t it great to have something in common with a stranger? I love those moments, say on a bus, or the subway, or maybe in an elevator when you get to share a moment with a stranger. You know that you will probably never see this person again, but it is so great to find like-mindedness in all kinds of forms.

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