Saying Thanks

It was so good to meet you
Being alone has never been fun
And I don’t really know that many people my own age here
It was really great grabbing dinner
I loved the movie choice
Now that I think about it
you aren’t my age
but close enough I suppose
and single
I will do my best not to fall in like with you
(so that we can be friends)
if you will listen to my woes
not that you have to
I’ll take what I can get
text me any time
and I’ll say thanks
to God.

9 thoughts on “Saying Thanks

  1. True friendship and sharing are worth a very great deal in this life. And so many life-long mates end up valuing the friendship aspect of their spousehood/relationship more than anything else,you know! Many blessings of friendship wished on you, soulwalker!

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