Wake Up

Anything you want
For a coconut dream
in the morning
Not quite awake
Not quite sure
and then
I see you love me.


16 thoughts on “Wake Up

    1. Silly as the bones go crunch
      Skin clinging to what’s left
      Here is not enough my dear
      You know as well as I
      Looking is the eye that feels
      from the heart that still has hope
      But feeling is a danger dear
      And hanging comes with a rope
      But so does rescue now and then
      But it’s still a rope the same
      And only God is here to judge
      who am I to blame?

      You say you’re there
      But where am I?
      Do you see what I do not?
      I am lost and looking for
      the God I loved in youth.

      Have you ever met this god?
      Did you catch his name?
      Would you dine with him again?
      Can it be the same?

      A lonely heart sheds many tears
      And often waits to die
      But hope is what I’m after dear
      Not fear, or lust, or why.

      1. Without those necessary feelings that fall like youre tears
        i would never have known your struggles.
        Many night I prayed for you.
        MY god loves you, regardless of your “crux”,
        but you will never feel it until you
        feel him like I do.

        You scoffed at my faith,
        confident your demons could be
        excersied without softening the blow.

        I know where you are….
        In her arms.
        On a bike.
        Pretending to love her like you should.
        Pretending you didn’t daydream of a STAG
        Since 8am.

        While I continue to keep my
        Vices and Naughties
        To myself
        Until you knock on my door.

        I’ll hand you the rope.

        1. It’s in the feeling, so it seems
          Ever just the thing to hang
          I see you swimming in my dreams
          And hear that echoed crashing bang.

          Never did my doubts rise high
          Not so high as this
          But feelings have a way my dear
          I tell you with a kiss.

          I wanted just to feel like you
          and feel him like you say at night
          but I do not control those strings
          And sometimes I just take to flight.

          Hallowed ground sweet lover’s skin
          Break the waves upon your chest
          As the tide comes pulsing in
          We yearn for what we feel is best.

          Aching heart now so confused
          Wanting things it cannot forge
          Hear the beat of angels wings
          And the sound of swinging sword.

          Pretending has not got me free
          Not got me happy or found me rest
          I offer up my prayer to thee
          Lead me to a life you’ve blest.

          1. i can’t lead
            A bucking Mustang
            When all you desire is
            Complete annulment from
            Your ignorant mistakes.

            I wish you remembered
            More intimacy.
            The important times…
            You may not remember my
            Most favorite-s.
            The beer had a tendency to
            Work it’s magic
            At the “right” time.

            I love you, still.
            My Prentender….
            Pretend, you shall
            (You wear it so well).
            We will fall back into
            Each other….one day.

            1. Beer does not
              Cheap beer is for cheap thrills
              Beer will not grant annulments
              And only some of my
              were ignorant.
              There are things I look back to
              from my childhood
              things that make me go blind
              and I cannot see
              cannot think
              cannot hear
              just be.

              I desire much like you
              I would love to be
              in you
              I would love to be
              a heart sharing
              with another heart.

              Do you mock me
              when I want hugs
              more than sex?
              Do you think I’m silly
              for trying to keep my pants on?
              Do you laugh
              at my attempts to wait,
              for marriage?

              I do pretend
              every day
              but that does not
              that you really know
              what I am pretending…

              1. Mock, never. Laugh? Not since I understand.
                It took some time, but your words are absorbed in my skin
                I know you wished it would have happened sooner.

                Things have drastically changed for us both
                Due to understanding.

                I didn’t forget the comforting hold of your arms.
                The nights of spooning and awaking
                8 hoours later in the same position.
                Waking in heaven with your arm wrapped tightly,
                Holding my hip with precise protection….

                Pretender, you are. But I never said we were different people from one another.
                The same. In different disguises.
                So why are we so imperfect for one another?

                1. The bliss of your touch
                  wakes memories of fire
                  electricity coursing everywhere
                  your sweet skin
                  meets mine.

                  To hold you at night
                  and feel so relieved
                  every second of touch
                  another worry falls away
                  another care disappears
                  I relax further and further into
                  the small

                  Do you believe in judgement?
                  That someone has to pay?
                  That nothing ends
                  so chaotic
                  as our lives that led to this?

                  Do you believe in masters?
                  For clearly I have mine
                  And must obey or break apart
                  Hold my pieces dear.

                  1. How can I hold the pieces
                    When they never belonged to me
                    To begin with;
                    To end with.

                    I believe in masters….
                    Only of my soul, anymore.
                    The prick of the thorns left
                    Plenty of scars on the
                    Masking isn’t an option when the
                    Scars run deep.

                    Your new life doesn’t include me.
                    Or my failure to accept love.
                    I never gave you the time to
                    Prove yourself.
                    You never gave me the time to
                    Prove mine.

                    Time has passed,
                    Plenty plus more.
                    We never said our fair
                    What would be fair for you?

                    Reminiscent memories of
                    Touching, fucking, tugging
                    Send a rush of blood to my
                    Lady Parts.
                    Kissing that feels better than the
                    First time.
                    Glide your tongue over the
                    Small of my back.

                    Tighten up your grip on me!
                    I’m restless and easily bored.

                    1. The hard thing about the gospel
                      Has always been
                      believing all of it.

                      You know the gospel has a lot to do
                      With pain and revenge
                      not that everyone tells you this.

                      It’s the all of it part that is hard to swallow
                      Do you really believe that God will come back?
                      Do you really believe He will judge us all?

                      If you don’t believe these things
                      It becomes very difficult to not lash out
                      It is a burden to not seek vengeance.

                      The gospel is all about paying for it
                      Somebody has to pay
                      God or us.

                      The world is clearly not right
                      Things are clearly not OK
                      Who will pay?

                      Who will pay for what was done to you?
                      Who will pay for what you did to others?
                      Who will pay for what we did to each other?

      2. “Silly as the bones go crunch”. <—I simply love the visual this presents. I hear the sound, I feel the crunch, and it presents itself with such description and really is a fantastic intro to the rest of the stanza. ; ) Nice nice nice. I'll be repeating this line in my head all day. Gauranteed.

      1. Who would want something other than traditional values that have obviously worked to keep families together ( keep in mind, back in the day, there were plenty of similar issues of today that, in essence, broke up relationships) . As a woman, I believe god made me good at raising a family, and assisting my spouse. What else could be more important than protecting our family?

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