I need a hero
I cannot save myself
I need a rescue
there is no better good
there is no self-control
there is no managing
there is only life
and death.

I need a hero
To fight all of my monsters
and spill their blood for good
and stain the earth
with my freedom.

I need a hero
the night grows weary long
and daylight has abandoned
my will has taken flight.

I need a hero
Come and save me.

I need a hero.


4 thoughts on “Stop

  1. A hero, I can be.
    Confidence won me the
    Savior patch.

    Brown eyed girl,
    Better than blue.
    How do u keep you on for so
    Damn long?
    I laugh, wonder, laugh
    About my thoughts and memories
    That transformed us both.

    You’re pounding together metal
    I always wanted to watch you create.
    Metal pipe bending gently
    Without a crack.
    A beer buzz;
    Pores seeping the scent of cheap
    I’ll buy you top shelf!

    Wasn’t your love strong?

    1. Bring me some whiskey
      If it is cheap,
      Please put it in some coffee
      with cream
      and your sugar
      pull up a seat
      but know that watching is not without its effect
      if you watch
      the outcome
      like some faraway battle
      will be brought near
      and your presence
      will sway the outcome.

      But sit with me
      I must contemplate before I begin
      before I create
      I hope you are comfortable with silence
      I must let it take me
      before I can shape and bend

      Sit right there
      You could just be pretty
      you could be comfortable
      with the silence
      knowing that you are affecting

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