To My Love XII

Is there a light on where you are?
Do the walls keep out the wind?
Is the fire warm enough?
Will the roof keep out the rain?

Leave a light on if you would
It is what I want
Go to sleep; I’ll make it there
I have some help I think you know.


10 thoughts on “To My Love XII

    1. Do not float away my love
      Do not let the wind take force
      And carry you where I do not know
      I cannot fight my way on through
      If I do not know where to go.
      I can overcome with God
      Even my own self and sin
      But where will I journey on
      If you are taken by the wind?
      I have to dream
      that you are there
      I cannot walk the miles for naught
      I have to have a hope for here
      And not just after death.

        1. I know that it is hard to be
          Out there on your own
          But I will cross the land and sea
          To find you as my home.

          I know that there are better men
          And time is such a fickle thing
          But I will hold the dream inside
          Until I have the chance to sing.

          Only God, who knows us all
          Can keep me till the end
          I pray that He would have a mind
          For us to meet around the bend.

    1. How little do we share of love
      In all its forms and all its kinds
      How seldom do we kneel to pray
      Unless we are alone…
      Fate and chance like children play
      Breaking things as they go
      Let my God come down instead
      And love might come to grow.

  1. Very true =) I had to struggle between writing something apt and wanting to comment on your beautiful posts! You really have a talent for this asoulwalker! It was an enjoyable journey, thank you =)

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