I Love To Hear You Speak

I know I will dream of you
I do not know where it will take me
I know that deep hot desires
once aroused
take on a life
a life of their own.
I know I will think of you
All of you
Every last drop of sweat
and every sweet scent
And some not so sweet
I know I will remember you
Remember that night
And long for it again
For better or for worse
The lost light awakened
And though it found itself in battle
It remembered it was alive.
I will cling to the light
When I should
And when I shouldn’t
I love to not feel dead.
I love to dream of love.
I love the pull of your words.
Speak to me again in the night
Set my heart on fire
Make me dream of hope
With all your hot desire.
I do not know to say the things
The things that you might wish to hear
But I know when your words come home
They wake me from my slumber dear.

6 thoughts on “I Love To Hear You Speak

      1. First, darling,
        Remember to run the extra mile for me.
        I’m so far away,
        Yet not sure of the distance.

        The vultures may soar above your head,
        On your trek,
        But my promises of bliss and poetry
        Will come to pass.

        1. Bliss, poetry, promise…
          Three things I crave like air
          I choke on my own halting rhythms
          And cannot find my feet to dance.

          But I know this as set in stone
          Lust and love are not the same
          To warm the loins and not the heart
          Will not bring dancing here again.

          But the road is just so long my dear
          And we are not quite what we want
          For each other and for ourselves
          Is anyone quite right?

          The ducks are never all lined up
          Though planning is a lovely thing
          But life kicks hard and this is time
          It passes as we wait in hope.

          It is true that sparks are rare
          And that is no mean poverty
          It is a treasure to be floored
          And connected, I can see.

          Promise, bliss, and poetry
          How you know my heart so well
          May we find ways to make it there
          While avoiding trips to hell.

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