The Ice-Cream Girl With Big Large Breasts

remember that time we went out for thai food
and you had just found out
that you had to turn around
and go right back
to the sand
remember how cute the girl was?
the one at the ice cream stand afterwards?
they told me about your dreams
your nightmares
the ones that came true
they told me how the second time,
he didn’t miss.
I got the call
the telling me you were dead
not too long after that
I was in an airport
Everything went silent
I only heard my heart
and I just wanted to scream
and the beating wouldn’t stop
It continues even now…

On the Desert Abbey II

For the next installment of the Desert Abbey (Desert Abbey II) the theme will be connections. If you are interested in submitting a poem for Desert Abbey II I suggest you begin thinking/searching/writing now. People need other people. Those connections are very important. And why would we not want to write about what is important to us? This gathering is open to anyone and I encourage all types of verse. Poets, let us get to the heart of it– it is, after all, what we do best, is it not?

Memorial Day

They put a rifle in my hand
but I never thought that I would make
They sent us here and sent us there
but I never thought when wars broke out
they would keep me home
They told us all so many things
But not how we could carry on
when we didn’t have
each other.
Every time I see a sale
I want to burn the fucking building down
That isn’t a memorial
but flames might make it so.

I Love To Hear You Speak

I know I will dream of you
I do not know where it will take me
I know that deep hot desires
once aroused
take on a life
a life of their own.
I know I will think of you
All of you
Every last drop of sweat
and every sweet scent
And some not so sweet
I know I will remember you
Remember that night
And long for it again
For better or for worse
The lost light awakened
And though it found itself in battle
It remembered it was alive.
I will cling to the light
When I should
And when I shouldn’t
I love to not feel dead.
I love to dream of love.
I love the pull of your words.
Speak to me again in the night
Set my heart on fire
Make me dream of hope
With all your hot desire.
I do not know to say the things
The things that you might wish to hear
But I know when your words come home
They wake me from my slumber dear.

Hold On To Me

I hope it’s not over
The whole sanctification thing
Because I really don’t want to die here
In this spiritual place
I’m not suggesting I haven’t enjoyed some moments
Some I should,
some I shouldn’t have
But I want there to be more
And I don’t want to
have spent all my time
and others
I just hope
that hope
holds on to me.


Do you say the creed?
Do you say the prayer?
Do you still believe?
That the end will turn out fair?

Do you hate the world?
And somehow not yourself?
Who gets out alive?
Who stays on the shelf?

Who gets read for pleasure?
Who gets read for pain?
Who gets read at all these days?
I ask you once again.