On Desert Abbey II, “Connections”

I hope some of you are still considering contributing to the next Desert Abbey on the theme of connections. Keep thinking, meditating, writing, and searching your archives. Multiple submissions are allowed. Controversial takes on the topic are aloud. Discussion is welcome on, during, and after the event. Is it the first time you have ever submitted a poem to anything even remotely public? Come on down. We welcome you. I would be delighted to have every single one of the lovely and talented poets who contributed to the first gathering return for this second gathering (now named the “Desert Abbey”). Feedback and questions are always welcome. And don’t worry too much, I’ve had my feelings hurt before. It’s OK to say what you want to say. My contact information is above under the cunning title, “Contact.” I know, I’m so clever. Luckily, e-mails do not concern themselves with time-zones.


11 thoughts on “On Desert Abbey II, “Connections”

  1. something tells me that ‘aloud’ was code for something. or perhaps that’s just my 1940s champagne cocktail… 🙂

      1. I’ve written the poem using my preferred style Following the theme of my own blog.
        This is my interpretation of the word ‘connections’

        A group of people who are connected by a common interest.
        A small sect or religious group connected by a body of extreme beliefs and practices.

          1. Please note:
            I will not be offended if you prefer not to publish my poem on your blog. After re-reading I realise I may of wavered away from the connections topic.
            **Sorry** I’ll leave it up to you but I assure you there will be no hard feelings whatsoever. I do get a little carried away sometimes. :0) x


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