Waiting to wake up
Waiting to see
Waiting for things I don’t believe can ever be
Waiting for happiness
Waiting for God
But I never seem to wait long enough and then comes the rod
Waiting for direction
And waiting for me
Waiting for a place and time that I can learn to be
Waiting for justice
Waiting for you
Waiting for mercy’s rain to make it through.
Waiting for time
Waiting for blues
Waiting for a day when I want to choose.
Waiting for sunlight
Waiting for the Son
Dreaming about the day He dries those tears, every one


20 thoughts on “Waiting

        1. As a note, your name does link (already to your site), but you will get more readers (especially the less internet saavy) if when they journey to your gravatar they can see a link (see the url with their own two eyes, that is).

    1. It is very interesting to me how few people have taken the time (and I am not speaking of you in this) to reflect upon how little direct control they have over any of their beliefs. I cannot flip a switch and make myself believe that there is no God anymore than someone else could decide to believe there is one.

    1. How could I demand from deity?
      I suppose if I thought He would kill me,
      I might just go ahead and shout
      But He is not tricked.
      And my position is low
      I steal from the pigs
      And dream of a return
      But I will give you this
      It is horribly awful to journey alone.

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