When I Couldn’t Sleep and You Didn’t Call

Drinking Whiskey from a tin can cup
Rocking in my rocking chair
The fan is spinning overhead
And I just think of you.
I think a lot more intensely than
I expected (when you didn’t call)
And I see that maybe I
Feel something myself
But let’s not rush things quite just yet
Still so many different things
That would have to change
For us to fall into each other
And learn to love again…

4 thoughts on “When I Couldn’t Sleep and You Didn’t Call

  1. When the anticipation begins to take over, is usually when true feelings arise. Of course, it could be loneliness, but why not accept the better option? Ya know, go with the flow.

    1. The fact that your words so often describe my poems as I saw them myself makes me want to keep writing. It makes me feel as if every once in a while I do actually manage to communicate my thoughts successfully in verse… Thank you.

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