Le Clown

Face paint and noses do not describe
The grandeur and pomp in each sweet cheek
Oh how you’ll love him when he walks
Oh how he’ll be that thing you’ll seek.

He may have an ego the size of the sun
But his love for you children is desperate large
He may have a problem with awesome and fun
But things will be better when he is in charge.

I know that you wonder just how it can be
How can one man be so touching and strong?
But his magnificence is something to see
Of this I am sure that I am not wrong.
-Pour Le Clown


13 thoughts on “Le Clown

    1. Cookies are also wonderful. Now if we could just combine cookies and Le Clown I think we would have a winning combination. And everyone could keep their tops on (except Le Clown… because we all want to see the hot one-ab).

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