On The Desert Abbey II…

The Desert Abbey II will “convene” soon. The theme is connections. There are so many… which is why we can play the Kevin Bacon game (don’t worry, we won’t do that here… I think…) The connections between people are often the most significant aspect of our lives (especially when we don’t want to admit it). The lack of connections is… painful. There is plenty to write about and even more to meditate on. I have been posting a few poems on connections myself in the past few weeks to help prime my own pump (you can search for them if you so desire) for the writing experience. Now it is your turn. If you wish to participate (new-comers always welcome) please submit a poem (or more than one) on the theme of “connections,” to me via e-mail (see the fancy “contact” page up top) by Friday July sixth. I will then post the poems (most likely by sometime on Monday) for all to see. Comments, discussion, and thoughtful critiques are welcome and reblogging is encouraged. I look forward to seeing your work.


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