Suck It Up and Cheer Up

It’s funny how different people can be
in giving you what they think is best
The things they say
and do
and all
make for contrasts you never thought you’d see…

But Light and love
Have long been wed
And chance and fear have gone to ground
And what you say
It matters now
So the fathers say.

I know that there are many ways
To sometimes get you there
But other times there is just one
And rarely do you know.

Living is the hardest thing
It’s funny how that is
But what do you
In hard felt times
Say to those in need?

2 thoughts on “Suck It Up and Cheer Up

  1. I’d tell them life is hard sometimes,
    And people fall apart.
    It’s how you pick the pieces up
    And love with a brand new heart.

    Depressed, it’s dark,
    And love, is dank,
    We move further and further away,
    Until your heart is bruised enough
    That I could mend, one day.

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