With My Staff

If I will dream
Will you hold my hand?
If I take that step
Will you guide my way?
If I look up
Will you be there,
As you always have been?
If I take a knee
Will you watch my back?
If I turn my face
Will you take me back?
If I say a prayer
Will it reach your ear,
will you forgive my sins?

If I walk by faith
will I be led astray?
If I look to you
will I be thrown away?
If I read your words
Will they still breathe life?
I ask this all
as I wander in the wilderness…

I have only my staff
everything else is gone
If I set my face to the river
Will I carry on?
Will you go before me?
(the enemies are strong)
I confess my fear
I have carried it very long.

There rises a sun in distance great
That shatters heavy darkened fear
With such light that smashes fate
And all the errors I held dear.

And looking west I set my face
And hold my staff in my right hand
The wind and heat leave only a trace
Of what has been lost in all this sand.

I lost my faith some time ago,
Will you give it back to me?
I wish to eat now with the pigs
In the shade of your great tree.

5 thoughts on “With My Staff

  1. What a totally marvelous adaptation of the Prodigal Son parable! Very much “you”, dear soulwalker! (have not forgotten about the “connecitons” entry”: promise to finalize it on paper tonight and type in tomorrow in an email to you!)

  2. Asoulwalker…your words offer us a journey of meanings so profound and strong that they hold our hands while we ponder in us what you have the courage to write out loud. Amazing…simply amazing. =)

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