i marvel in its power and feel it anew
its soft immortal glow ever true
it becomes newly born in me
i see its light
i feel its warmth
i know its truth

recreating itself for just us mere two
yet existing before the very first two
there is strength in its tenderness
and passion at its core

however fitfully
i strain to contain its loveliness
it flows forth and becomes
the essence of us all.



6 thoughts on “Essence

    1. I am so glad you did and I apologize for the delays. I think I managed to confuse a lot of people and that cut down on participation. I may have to do another one just because of the low turn out this time (which was mostly my fault).

  1. Well if you plan on doing another one then I’ll look forward to that too =) Two cents: I think you should include your leading-up “connection-inspired” pieces as apart of this “desert abbey II’…they contain a power all their own when read under this theme.

    1. I am always looking for two cents (in this economy). I will go ahead and at least re-tag them with Desert Abbey II so that if someone wants to search they will come up together (I love the search feature on people’s blogs and have had a lot of fun using it on other’s).

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