A blind man
a man from Nigeria
Stayed in my house when i was a child
Just for a few months.

He always asked me to pray
He was a pastor
He may have been
the happiest man
I ever met.

He taught me to sing a song
Perhaps you know it…?
It goes like this:

“I found a new life.
I found a new life.
If anyone asks me,
what’s a matter with you my friend?
I’ll say I’m saved,
Water baptized,
Jesus is mine,
Heavenly bound,
I found a new life.”

We would sing this song
on repeat
sometimes off beat,

He would laugh when it was over
He would clasp my hand
and hug me like a bear
it made me
at first.

Now I think back
and remember
my blind nigerian friend
and his joy.

Best witness ever.


4 thoughts on “Witness

  1. This brought such a smile to my face, I liked your?/your persona’s honesty in saying they felt uncomfortable, and what a joy that you wrote out the whole song so we’re not left guessing…which works sometimes but this one was worth knowing and sharing! =)

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