Between Me and the Void

My faith has kept me every day
Especially these past two years
If not for it
There would not be
any words
for you to read.

In the darkness
there you find
the light shines brightest–
brighter than you have ever seen
It is this brightness
That I claw towards,
on my broken knees.

People have failed me
Left and right
and I,
to my shame,
have failed them at least as much.
But one thing has remained
and that is my faith.

I have betrayed my faith
It has never betrayed me.
I have failed what it represents
It has never failed me.
I have seen many fall and betray
and yet
the faith is strong.

Edwards spoke of the fires of hell
and being suspended by a spider’s web
they say he read his sermons
from the page.
They say he was not
an orator.
I imagine him
walking to the front,
to the pulpit,
placing his sermon on the wood
looking up at the congregation
and then looking down
and then he starts,
to read.

It is said that people ran
screaming and crying
out of the church.
How many have any realization of peril
in this day?

It was handed down by trustworthy men
And so I did receive it.
Let me again embrace my love
and never forsake what keeps me.


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