Things I Cannot Say

A shot rang out
In an Iraqi sky
I wasn’t there
To ask you why.

More fire burst
Over the sand
And I wasn’t there
To see his body land.

Old age came
again and again
Powerless I watch
and wait with my pen.

But I just can’t
bring myself to write
I’ve lost my heart,
And with it, my fight.

The police came too
And lawyers and death
Falls and avalanche
That bury your breath.

Cars hit oak trees
And children are gone
The rain doesn’t come
And lights can’t come on.

But who am I?
And who are we?
Do you even care–
If you even see?

4 thoughts on “Things I Cannot Say

    1. You know, it’s funny, as rough drafts go I find this to be better than some others that I like more from the start. I think it is because I actually want to work on this one. I like the ideas but only like parts of the execution. Some of my poems that turn out more to my liking from the start are probably a lot less likely to get edited in the future.

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