Not Enough

I think sometimes
When I am “being real”
that I am not that helpful
and I tell myself,
“at least you are being honest…”
as if that made it ok
to say this or that
and to write the things I write–
you know,
“the real stuff.”

I think sometimes
when I am doing just what I want
and it is so bad
for everyone
that I tell myself,
“you have to start where you are,
not where you wish you were…”
and the worst part about that advice
is that it is true
but still,
I represent people
and things

I think sometimes
when I have a burst of inspiration
I don’t think about what it will do
or I choose to lie to myself
and bottle it up
and I never find a balance.
But there has to be
a balance.

I know that words have power
and that lying to yourself is dangerous
and that communicating is important,
but that is all I know,
and it is not enough.

14 thoughts on “Not Enough

  1. Your heart has awaken as well as your spirit…your sincerity is a strength and love is always forgiving, guess what? God is love…He has forgiving you so let the past go…He has…open your heart and share the new joy that is yours for the taking….and walk into the new light of day that He has provided you. Share the new truth and joy!

  2. Your deep thinking and insights are good. It is the right thing to analyze
    ourselves from time to time. But loving and accepting our own shortcomings, as well as others, is important. I am sometimes unable to do
    those things and feel like I struggle with balance, too.

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