Friday Has Finally Arrived… and so I pick a winner.

In the interest of commemorating the first anniversary of this blog I held a contest. The contest had no real rules. Really you just had to get my attention with a comment or comments. The prize is a handwritten poem sent to your real-life mailbox. I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually be interested in this… and I did very little to actually promote the contest. Still, comments were made and I feel like it was worthwhile.

It has been difficult, however, to decide on the winner. Lady Day and The White Pumpkin both caught my attention with their frequent comments. Autumn gets honorable mention, but the winner is…


Send me your snail-mail address and I will send you a poem. I will be sure to include a return address in case you are dissatisfied in anyway…

Thank you all for playing. To everyone who did not win… stay tuned. I will likely have more contests in the future.


16 thoughts on “Friday Has Finally Arrived… and so I pick a winner.

  1. I’m actually pretty excited to have gotten an honorable mention. Thanks 😀 {I know you’re thinking I’m being sarcastic, but surprisingly, I’m not. I really am excited!} And congrats to QueridaJ!

  2. I can’t think of a better way to end my day!! Thank you so much asoulwalker!!! It would be a real honour to receive a poem from you. I will send you an email shortly! And Lady Day thank you for the love, right back at ya sweetie =) Thank you Autumn =)

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