Stepping in front of you seemed
and I didn’t hesitate
because I was furious.
You were so big
and he was so small.

I never felt like someone fought for me
and I knew that
was terrible
and I knew how it felt
to feel so scared
and alone
when the monsters came for you.

So I stepped in between
And he had a chance to run
and I got my ass kicked
and kept coming back for more.
had to fight.
Someone had to stand up for the little one.

It didn’t occur to me
just how little I was

I couldn’t beat you
at anything really
so I just threw myself at you
until you stopped.
And I did it every time,
and it hurt me every time
every time you kicked the shit out of me
I knew you weren’t kicking someone else.

We were just little kids
and nothing has changed in life.
The world is still full of you
Only you are bigger
and have guns
and worse…
lawyers and politicians and judges.

Let the angels weep
and fly on swiftest wing
that they might save the weak
from themselves.


6 thoughts on “Bully

  1. WOW, and WOW. Excellent, I felt it deep within–cheering for you. Perhaps I shouldn’t, but I often wonder where the angels were “back then” (for me), and are now, for so many innocents…

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