Daughter of Another god

Words can touch
Where hands can’t go
Do you ever dream of Jesus?

A light falls swift
and warms a heart
but do you think He’s dead?

Two minds can be
resting on
the very same page as one another.

Yet without God
to bind two souls
What is there to love but skydiving with no chute?

Some things feel great
that tear the soul
and only later do we feel the crash.

I want to connect
Just as you
But I know that love requires something.

I am not
without my God
and this is who I am.

Funny quips and jokes aside
There must needs be a like mind in this
if love were ever to blossom.

And words with power leave their mark
Let us be so honest now
With ourselves about ourselves.

15 thoughts on “Daughter of Another god

  1. Words do touch the deepest places hiding in dark and that is why I read.
    I read of Jesus and Noah and Jonah and Solomon.
    I read the book you read, but have you ever read the one I read?
    All love is not romantic and all connection is not love.
    Two minds that rest on the same page as one another find common ground where they decide.
    You may be you and I may be me, but reality is unchanged.
    There is but one God, without which we would not exist.

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