That Holds Us Back

“Bless me now for I have sinned,”
A phrase that strikes right to the heart
And in the waning firelight
Takes the whole to find a part.

All the tempting that we do
And we wonder why we fail
But blaming others keeps the lies
That comfort us in our own jail.

It’s funny how we make excuse
For this and that and this here too
Fear is like a firing squad
That tells us just what we should do.

4 thoughts on “That Holds Us Back

  1. Good poem! I spent more than 50 years blaming others, and finally got out of that prison in March 2011–it’s a wonderful thing when the scales finally fall off our eyes, and the chains are broken. And no need for regrets about significant time lost–we just start where we are, and fly! God bless you today.

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