24 thoughts on “Among the stars

  1. Not sure of how I feel about this one… almost as though you are shifting your responsibilities upon others (an action of which I do not agree)…

      1. it tells me to ‘let go’… that we should stop analyzing, measuring, capturing… that we should give the world (and our analyzing minds) a break… because, frankly, we’ve ruined it enough.
        not sure if that was your intention, but this is what it whipsers to me…

        1. I am going to let you in on a little secret… but you can’t tell anyone (wait…). I did not have a conscious intention when I wrote this poem. I will also tell you that this is very unusual for me. Not only do I normally intend something, but I often go out of my way to intend multiple things at the same time.

          This poem, however, ripped itself out of me and I typed it in and clicked post. I don’t know what to make of that.

          1. this is awesome! i work the same way most of the time… the words just start to flow right out of my mind (and hands), and the meaning can only be grapsed when it’s finished.
            keep it up to let your intuition and instincts run free… ot results in beautiful poetry.

  2. This can be interpreted many ways, good way to get people thinking. Like an artist, you allow the reader his interpretation and welcome comments. I am sad that there may someday be an end to our beautiful Earth and it may become part of the universe without lives on it. That is how I see the words you wrote in my mind.

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