With Our Chance

They flew me to a jungle
And kicked me out the door
And I did not stop falling
Until I hit the floor.

I looked around expecting
Devils holding guns
Instead some señorita
Asked to have some fun.

I stood up off the floor
And checked my pants for cash
Finding none I told her, “no”
And thought to make a dash.

But gunmen never came
And she offered me a job that night
And so I live around the world
With very little thought or sight.

After several weeks of peace
I asked her to dance
And we had all the fun we could
In the jungle with our chance.

10 thoughts on “With Our Chance

        1. It actually made me laugh quite a bit. The poem as narrative comes off as some sort of poor plot to an action film. And as I imagined this… the idea of Chuck Norris sweeping up the floor in a bar in South or Central America while this song played almost brought me to tears.

          Granted, none of this was really on my mind when I wrote this… but it is hilarious.

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