To My Love XIII

thinking of God
But not just any god–
Jesus as God.
The God-man
Who gave up glory for a time
To feel exactly as we do.
This mystery
so divine…
it captivates me.

And as I dream
I dream of you
with real hands
and real hair
and breasts
and hips
and thighs.
I dream of you
and smiling
and I am captivated by my dream.

In the distance
we keep our secrets–
but some
we should not keep.

As I dream of you
I dream
of what would
I dream that you
are captivated
by the mystery.
You with your voice,
you with your hands,
you with your hair,
you with your eyes,
you with your breasts,
you with your hips,
you with your thighs,
with all your flesh
a real

You with all your heart
a dream that I hold close.
You with all your soul,
a hope in life to search.
You with your sweet spirit,
That Jesus has remade.

Let my dreaming be made real
And let our faith be shared
And let our lives be made ready
Before the day approaching.


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