What is beautiful?

What is beautiful?
Is it an aesthetic ideal?
Is it a certain shape or colour?
Can we tell it from another?
Do we pass it every day?
In the streets we never see?
Do we miss what lies beneath?
Do we see what shows up front?
Can we tell if we touch?
Is it something to compare?

What is beautiful?
When Eve was first upon his eye?
Did he think to ask for more?
Or different?
First of women she was there
But surely beauty isn’t this:
“better than a goat.”

But what is beautiful?
I’ve seen a baby make me cry
Just because of beauty
But some are fat and some are thin
and some are round and some so small
And some are sick and some are well
but everyone I ever saw touched me in my soul
with their beauty.

What is this beautiful?
It makes you want to cry out
and sometimes cry
it cannot be denied
and does not care for explanation
and somehow seems connected
to Truth.

But what is beautiful?
Am I tuned to see it here?
Could I sift it from the pain?
Could I even say a word,
That made it clear to see again?

It is here but I can’t speak
It is there but I can’t say
I know it when I see it near
As I pass it every day.

20 thoughts on “What is beautiful?

        1. I think the impulse to argue shows you (not you personally) that you really believe your cause is universal. People argue about beauty a lot. I think this shows an important thing to consider: most people think their views on beauty are correct and applicable to other people. While I realize that they could all be wrong I had to ask myself (a long time ago) why so many people thought they were right about the subject. This was only the beginning of how I came to believe that beauty is not relative.

          It is obvious, however, that there are different types of beauty and that many people are blind to many of those types for a large chunk of their lives. Seeing beauty for the first time somewhere (or in someone) is always significant because it tells you that it has been there all along and you simply did not see it before.

          1. Thank you so much for your reply =)
            “Seeing beauty for the first time somewhere (or in someone) is always significant because it tells you that it has been there all along and you simply did not see it before.” ….very true, i’m glad to hear this from you =)

      1. My experience of beauty is that a beautiful soul – the word soul in its broadest meaning – a most beautiful soul sees more beauty in many different things unseen by most than most souls not that beautiful. Simply put: getting to seen beauty where it lies – and it lies pretty much everywhere – demands some soul forging and it takes time and sometimes you end up being old but seeing beauty almost everywhere, every step. Thus, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Queridaj is right 🙂

  1. Lovely poem… I believe that true beauty comes from inside. It’s easy to look upon a beautiful face, but if the heart is dark, then I’d likely just pass it by. And as they said, beauty is so often in the eye of the beholder. My hubby think I’m crazy when I talk about how beautiful an old, bare oak tree is sitting in the middle of the pasture… LOL

  2. I was going to comment more, but it looks like I’d be in past my depth (or a different depth)–so I’ll just say that I like the poem a lot, thought it beautiful.

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