Some lights are bright
some lights are small
Some giants big
And big ones do fall.

Some days are quiet
Some days are loud
Some times there’s stillness
Even in the crowd.

But hearts are where what matters most
fights for life inside the walls
and all about is other things
that we don’t need at all.


Throw it Back to You

I got lost a little while
and never found my place in line
and sometimes wondering was good
and other times it made me freeze.

I found hope a little while
and couldn’t shake it’s rock-like stance
and when I lost myself out there
It felt even more lost because.

I traveled on and on and on and on
until I got right here
So let the sound within the fire
ring till I see clear.

The Strangest Place I Have Ever Been

I have traveled across the sea
To foreign lands with strange hard tongues
And been a stranger there to see
But this is stranger still by far.

I have climbed so high to see
If maybe on the tops of peaks
There was a way to simply be
But this is stranger still by far.

I have served a loyal dog
Jumped to answer every call
I wore that green in every fog
But this is stranger still by far.

I have studied till my eyes went cross
And read the stacks as if on fire
Searching for an answer lost
But this is stranger still by far.

I have been in love with all my heart
And kissed the fairest maiden found
Enthralled I was by beauty’s mark
But this is stranger still by far.

I have lost most precious everything
And felt the depths of cold despair
And searched half crazy for that ring
But this is stranger still by far.

I’ve almost died so many times
I could not even feign to count
And on the edge of ghostly climes
But this is stranger still by far.

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
And here I come at last
How might I begin to see
To love myself at all.

Morning Thoughts That Turn to Prayer

Will I search till eyes grow dim,
And back is bent and arms are weak?
Will I find my hope in Him,
Or travel past for what I seek?

Will that first redeeming love
Keep it’s root till I grow old?
Or will I die a poor sad man
In his silence growing cold?

Let He who first begun the work
Do His bidding in my soul
And let the fire burn the straw
That what is left may keep me whole.

Understanding Heaven

I don’t understand heaven at all.

I have never been there.

I’m sure I could give you all sorts of answers from books
and tell with sophisticated terms of art what is and isn’t described
in one particular book.

But I have never been there
and don’t know that it stays the same
and couldn’t tell you much at all
of all the beasts both wild and tame.

And people with their anger shout
And cry and scream and shake their fists
And claim that it could never be
And rail against the thought of lists.

And so the world continues on
spinning with no heart to feel.

Are there streets so paved with gold?
Are there gates beset with pearls?
Do the agèd not grow old?
I could not tell you, not at all.

For I have never been.

And this is how I understand heaven:

If God sends me to hell forever
I will bend my knee and praise Him still.