Understanding Heaven

I don’t understand heaven at all.

I have never been there.

I’m sure I could give you all sorts of answers from books
and tell with sophisticated terms of art what is and isn’t described
in one particular book.

But I have never been there
and don’t know that it stays the same
and couldn’t tell you much at all
of all the beasts both wild and tame.

And people with their anger shout
And cry and scream and shake their fists
And claim that it could never be
And rail against the thought of lists.

And so the world continues on
spinning with no heart to feel.

Are there streets so paved with gold?
Are there gates beset with pearls?
Do the agèd not grow old?
I could not tell you, not at all.

For I have never been.

And this is how I understand heaven:

If God sends me to hell forever
I will bend my knee and praise Him still.


8 thoughts on “Understanding Heaven

  1. I really like this because it’s so true… we don’t know and can’t really explain to someone else. I like to think it’s in the belief, our belief that is. This is beautifully done… I’m sure God will be with you always… 😀

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