when you are lonely
the snark and funny just doesn’t penetrate.

when the weight of your own life becomes a burden
it is hard to fake a smile.

Lonely lost and wanting love
take the good and take the bad
tell me that my dreams are good
and then show me in this life.

We all look around and see
but sometimes we don’t see
and sometimes it’s too late
and sometimes it is not.

See me where I am
I feel invisible
no one seems to care
at least that’s how it feels.

I can’t imagine how
I miss the things I do
and how the people go
go on without feeling loved.

Lord have mercy on the lonely
as they find their way
lend them grace to see
and open our eyes to see them.

They Stood When Others Ran

The hours come and go
but the dead stay just the same
and history repeats
again, again, and again.

There are some who serve
And some who hold the line
And some who don’t back down
And many killed in time.

I remember many things
And people just the same
but days go by and we forget
as we flee our pain.

So here’s to you, the fallen friends
And those who made it out alive
I can’t remember everything
But I drink to you tonight.

I Hope Mama Says

Mama told me life weren’t fair
Told me it was hard
she was right, of course,
but I wonder what else she wants me to know.

You know that things ain’t half so bad
and you can’t deny– ain’t half so good
We all have dreams ’bout what we ain’t had
and spend time cryin’– things we ain’t understood.

And the world just spins
like it’s made of stone
And we got each other
and sometimes that’s why it hurts.

I’d like to think that I could find
an answer to the pain I feel
but thinkin’ ain’t ever got me where
My heart wished it could be.

I hope one day my mama says
Something good that I can hold
Cause no one else ever cared like that
An’ been so right so much.

Because It’s Hard

In a world filled with pain
I’ve had my share
and yet
the people who’ve had much more
always seem to find me
I’m not sure why
or how
but they always come to me
and I don’t mind no more.

Do you know how hard it is to bear another’s burden?
Of course you do
Do you ever feel another’s pain?
I hope so.

When the light goes out
and the room goes dark
and you look outside
only to find
the sun has died
or been eclipsed
(but you can’t tell which)
When the air is sucked
strait from your heaving lungs
and your sweat stings your eyes
and the room begins to spin–

then perhaps it is time
to be the friend
that you always wished you had,
to be that friend
to someone else.