Songs That Stab

And now so soon once more again
The rock has turned in its due course
And “empty tables and empty chairs”
rings from ear to soul.


2 thoughts on “Songs That Stab

  1. I wanted to share on your own blog my reply to your comment on mine.

    While I thank you for your comment, even more I thank you for your continuing bravery to “sing” in words the grief that cannot be spoken. As a reader of your poetry, I should let you know: you do far more than “imagine” your letting yourself feel. In your very description of Valjean’s opening scene, you “feel” your heart into mine. It is indeed disconcerting how long hope has to cohabit with despair before Hope gains the upper hand. I am glad that unlike the men of the opening chorus who reply to the despondent prisoner with a “Sweet Jesus doesn’t care,” you sing your poems anyway. My continued best to you.

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