Where Are You?

Blistering morning come to find
A place of peace from my own mind
That let’s me ward the harshest chill
And keeps me from the growing ill.

Torn to find the pieces whole
Lost to find the wand’ring soul
Left behind to fight or die
Always wanting to ask why.

Least in numbers here we wait
At the fore behind the gate
Never do we seem to see
All the blessings found in Thee.


Dear Stranger

I saw you there
in the coffee shop
drinking coffee.

I saw your bible open
and your journal too
while you drank your coffee.

It’s not that I didn’t see your long blonde hair
Or appreciate your beautiful eyes
Or notice your curves.

But those things are common
especially among the young
I see pretty girls every day…

But I do not see
open bibles and journals
next to cups of coffee.

It took equal parts
self control and depression
to keep me from approaching.

a line should be a route–
not something up your nose.

a drink should satisfy–
not inebriate.

the twitching you see in a stranger
is not what you think.