Oh Let’s Party

I can’t stand this day really
And ever since I left that place
I don’t get to duck and run
But hey,
at least it’s still awful
like cherries mixed with glass
swallow quick
it will all be over

You know without the usual distractions
I feel righteously bitter
and unfit
for human consumption.

I never thought I’d make it this far
and really didn’t want to
but here I am
I suppose this could mean
there is still
for me to do.

Just tell me
it won’t last.


7 thoughts on “Oh Let’s Party

    1. Also, if I head to your area I will be sure to let you know… but I just broke my phone and lost all my contacts so if you want a text you are going to have to text me your number (with your name, Red). Happy New Year.

  1. Cherries mixed with glass- I like that. Also, “not fit for human consumption”. I’ve read a lot of poetry over the years, and I’ve never known a style such as yours (for wht it’s worth). There’s a quiet resolve in your work that I appreciate. Also, I like that it’s stripped down and real. No frills- you expose the broken parts and I like that. Good stuff. πŸ™‚

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