A Weight Unto Death

You left three children
and a woman
when you took your own life.

and now when I ski
I will always remember
that last time we went together.

And all of those times you
you looked in people’s eyes
and they felt connected…

I know why
I know what
but they mostly didn’t get it.

They just thought you were so nice
(and you were, of course)
they just thought you understood.

They didn’t know how
they didn’t know the price you paid
to understand, to connect, to be so “nice.”

I know that when you saw them
when you looked into their eyes
you felt whatever they felt.

I know that if they were hurting
You were hurting
and if they were happy…

But all that feeling
Comes with a price
and it is heavy.

To feel what another feels
To take it on yourself
This is a hard way to bear another’s burden.


17 thoughts on “A Weight Unto Death

  1. the person you honor with your words is lucky (for lack of better expression) – even in death. this shows your love – so raw, so beautiful.
    i, in turn, am honored to have read this. thank you for sharing.

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