9 thoughts on “Having and Holding

  1. Your writing reminds that death is part of life. The culture I live in doesn’t talk much about death, the one tie that binds us all. It is not something I dwell on. I prefer to shine on the brighter side of life. But, I held my husband’s hands and looked into his eyes and felt him let out his last breath as the vain in his neck stopped pulsing. I think this aspect of life deserves more honour and acceptance and more conversation.

    1. You are so very right. I am surprised at how many people go from uncomfortable to honestly offended (on some emotional level) when you attempt to discuss real pain and tragedy in life– even if it is your own.

  2. You know, when people ask you, ‘How are you doing”? They don’t really ever want to know 90% of the time…. They don’t know what to say when dealing with death, major illnesses, etc. This is lovely! I think writing about it helps, but that’s just my opinion! 😀

    1. No, it definitely helps. I frequently get messages here from worried people who think that sad poetry is all there is to me. I am glad they can’t hear me laugh and snort while reading their comments because I really don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings (at least not for the sake of hurting their feelings). I don’t know why that in a world filled with evil, death, and fear that people are so uncomfortable when someone wants to say something about it.

      1. LOL… I hear ya on that. I get asked that all the time too… Since my poetry seems to hang on the dark side primarily, people always ask… which is sweet, but no, it’s just easier to write dark poetry for me…

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