Dear Stranger

I saw you there
in the coffee shop
drinking coffee.

I saw your bible open
and your journal too
while you drank your coffee.

It’s not that I didn’t see your long blonde hair
Or appreciate your beautiful eyes
Or notice your curves.

But those things are common
especially among the young
I see pretty girls every day…

But I do not see
open bibles and journals
next to cups of coffee.

It took equal parts
self control and depression
to keep me from approaching.

a line should be a route–
not something up your nose.

a drink should satisfy–
not inebriate.

the twitching you see in a stranger
is not what you think.

16 thoughts on “Dear Stranger

      1. I comment on people’s blogs when I really enjoy their post. If they are really interested in knowing about me, they will figure out how to find me. 😉

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