I Call Upon the King– the One That Does Not Answer to Me

I love you God
The arrows sink deep.
You are my rock
all these blades are very sharp.
I look to you
my sins have come calling.
You are my Lord
I am poor with money.
I long to hear your voice
my friends are dead.
Your word stands forever
they locked up my brothers.
Your name is holy
I am too numb to be afraid.
Your love is deeper than the sea
my heart fights against you.

Let me be still.

I look to the hills.

Come Lord with your sword
and your fire
and your mighty bow.

Come with your voice
that levels mountains
that and quiets the screaming child with peace.

Come with your strong right hand
that throws down kings
and raises up the poor.

Come Lord
with your violent righteous judgment
that no one can stand.

Come Lord,
and start with me
start in my heart.


I saw you in a dream
sitting at the piano
you wore a fedora
and your red hair was like falling flames from underneath that lucky hat.

You sang into a microphone
and I wept to hear your voice
but you did not sing of pain
(though you played it).

the room was still as I stared
Like a creep
or a lost puppy
depending on your mood
I was in dark
gazing at the light.

play on I say
let the keys call their hammers
and let them fall upon the strings
as each word you sing into the mic
gives birth another dream.

And Hearth, A Dream

There is an idea of home
One that is intoxicating.

Will you take my hand?

I like this chair right here,
but it’s also nice over there…
I guess it’s just a really great chair.

“Where everybody knows your name…”
Who doesn’t want that?

But words have power
and so does your touch.

“Suicide is painless…”
I don’t know about that first part but it does bring a lot of changes.

When you see green
I see red
The dead will rise again.

The light is God’s
Let it shine.