28 thoughts on “Perhaps, if not Alone

  1. Okay, I’m soliciting your assistance: Eons ago I saw the phrase, “le jour sans”–I knew I would want it for a poem one day. However–when I noted it on a scrap of paper, I didn’t include which blog I saw it on, nor a date. My note also says, “the day without”–which makes sense to my very minimal French, but I want to be sure this is correct. I did a search here at your place, but came up empty. Worldly gent that you are, do you know the precise translation?? Am I close enough, if I use it as noted? I checked various online dictionary blah blah’s and they act like I’ve made it up. My poem is ready to go–but I need to know if I should do a minor overhaul. Thanks for any help you can give me….Caddo

    1. That phrase does literally translate as you have noted. As to whether or not it would “sound right” to french ears without an object “to be without” I could not say.

      Was it from a poem I wrote?

      1. Well, that’s what I was trying to find out–if it was from one of your poems–which is why I typed the phrase into your “search” box. Came up empty, but I’ve found that doesn’t always mean much. Anyway, I appreciate your reply–and will proceed with my poem, since the object you mention should be fairly clear, understandable by the context of the poem, entire. Thank you so very much–I was going to just “step out in faith”, but I feel better for reading this–and I hope you’ll like the poem; we’ll see.

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