At Night

Tired in the fullest sense
I run until I can’t no more
And mama told me the world would kick
I should a’ listened better.

I can’t control what I believe
and so I cannot walk away
may I listen to my mama
before she leaves me here.

The pain is making things so hard
and I just want to lay it down
but in the snow the reaper waits
and I can’t just give up.


10 thoughts on “At Night

    1. I must admit that I often think of so many things through the lens of climbing in the mountains. I know that many people will not be able to relate… but I find it colouring my writing even when I do not intend it to.

  1. this is a lot like a poem I wrote several years ago… only in the “my mama told me” part that is… I love this one as it stirs the memories, perhaps because I am taking care of my mom now and the roles are almost turned around… it’s hard but I can’t stop.. as you say… 😀 Blessings~

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