Searching Yet Never Finding

When storms come I rarely see mercy
And I think that I have been left behind
I say,
“I do not hear the voice of God.”
and so I continue a slave.

When whispers come to me
in the darkest of nights
I say to myself,
“I cannot see God or the edge.”
and I give in to the waves as they come.

If in this trial by life
I were to see His face
I think I would not recognize it
and would go my own way on.


9 thoughts on “Searching Yet Never Finding

  1. I think you’re being very honest about how many people feel, including Christians. And on that note, how many times has a family member (or even an enemy) stretched out his or her hand for help, and we, in our pride, throw up our chin to the sky, and keep on walking. We’ve just walked right past God- not recognizing His face. (And failed the test, miserably.) I like that you voice what we are all guilty of doing, practically on a daily basis- being so absorbed in our own worlds, thoughts, feelings, and images, that we might not even recognize God if given the chance. (I would also like to add, the Scripture, John 1:18 that says, “No man hath seen God at any time…” ) 😉

  2. This is a true thing for all of us. He came to His own people and they didn’t recognize Him. We assume we are more perceptive? But absolutely I trust that when I really really need to recognize Him He will make me able to. I have no hope unless I hope in Him.

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