Day Nine

It is a long hard road to sobriety
even though I hardly ever drink
I am awash in a drunken stupor
of other sins with other victims…

Head down.

Don’t make a target.

Keep moving.

But they’re all dead, aren’t they?
all except me.

I always wonder why the worst gets left behind
It never makes sense
unless life is a punishment
mostly to the living.

It is a long and steep path
and better men have already died upon it.

Peace goes with truth and love–
it is never a product of self-esteem
The dogs lay down to sleep in the cold
and I feel as on fire in the night.

Keep moving.


6 thoughts on “Day Nine

  1. Yes, keep moving. Life is not a punishment, it is a glorious adventure. Not just better men but all men and women die on it. Life is a gift and the choices are ours to make.

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