Five, Night

Dearest heart that had been lost
I have not seen you for some time
The rays of sun that light the dust
Will make for joys that reach sublime.

In the journey long since tread
On the road that never ends
The feelings of impending dread
Seemed to be around each bend.

Lost in time a simple key
Seemed too far for me to grasp
I could not live with all the guilt
And shame that hissed just like an asp.

I floundered in the desert wastes
Scorched by unforgiving stars
Beat by beasts and men alike
We could not grasp just what was ours.

I dare not name the deeds gone by
We could not find a way to breathe
And living also seemed a chore
And some of us now gone.


Five, Day

They rode on winds that angels breathed
and glowed with light from streets of gold
I could not say just where they went
Perhaps they just will not grow old.